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Taking a photograph is telling a story. It reveals my experience of events, whether it be an event of nature or the actions and character of a person. Taking a photograph is always a thought process for me. If I were merely to "snap the shutter," I would miss the story. And you, as the viewer, would as well. I invite you to study the mood, emotion, or action in my photographs.

Be sure to browse the portfolio of my recently published book. It is available through me or Herald Press.

I am available for both personal and commercial photography. I can make your photographs available to you on a private link which you can then share with friends as you like.

I invite you to view my personal work. All personal (non-commercial) photographs in the portfolio are available for sale. All prints are made to the highest standards of archival processing for your assurance of longevity.

You are welcome to contact me.

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